Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The NBA Competition Committee is considering potential modifications for the 2021-22 season, according to Shams Charania.

These possible changes include “evaluating whether to recommend to Board of Governors to modify Coach’s Challenge by either awarding second challenge if successful or ensuring teams keep timeout in successful challenge.”

Another area of interest is updating rulings that relate to unnatural shooting motions that draw foul calls.

“The Competition Committee is also evaluating playing rules and interpretation of rules regarding unnatural shooting motions in connection with perimeter jump-shots and on-ball screens and the principle of verticality,” Charania added.

Earlier in the season, Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young drew the ire of Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash for using a “running up the back” or “short stop” foul drawing move.

When Young gets a pick set for him, the defender trailing him over the top of the pick tends to run into the back of Young due to Young stopping his dribble.

Once the defender runs into Young from behind, Young puts up a shot to get to the foul line.

This move is legal and Young isn’t the only player to use it, he has just done it more frequently this season in order to try to get more free throws.

Depending on what the Competition Committee ultimately rules, this unnatural shooting motion leading to so many free throws may be prevented in the future.