Harrison Barnes Sacramento Kings
Photo: Rocky Widner/Getty Images

It’s highly unlikely for the Sacramento Kings to deal Harrison Barnes or Buddy Hield ahead of the March 25 trade deadline, per Howard Beck of Sports Illustrated.

Beck appeared on Locked on Kings podcast and referred to the possibility of a deal happening for either one of the Kings’ wings.

(via NBC Sports)

“i talked to a couple people just in the last couple hours just to get a feel for these guys and what people around the league think may happen.

One of the things I heard was that essentially they’re only going to trade Barnes and Hield if they’re blown away by an offer. Not because they overvalue them, but because Vivek Ranadive wants to be competitive. He doesn’t want to tank.

Several reports suggested that Harrison Barnes could be among the forwards that Boston is interested to add in a potential deal ahead of the trade deadline.

However, the Kings seem to be content with their current roster, despite being on pace for another disappointing season.

They are at 15-24 having the third worst record in the Western Conference.