LaMelo Ball
Photo: Alex Menendez/Getty Images

LaMelo Ball has an excellent start in his NBA career for the first part of the season as he dominates his opponents, especially as the starting guard of the Charlotte Hornets.

As a result, many peers around the NBA changed their mind on Ball’s potential and current ability including the Golden State Warriors’ veteran star Draymond Green.

On his appearance on “First Take” on Wednesday, Draymond Green shared a story of he and his mother talking about LaMelo Ball, and how he was proved wrong about the rookie guard.

(via Lonzowire):

 “I didn’t really see LaMelo play a lot, and my mom would call me early in the year like ‘LaMelo’s good.’ And I’m like ‘Ah mom, he’s putting up stats, but a lot of people put up stats. I’m not sure I believe the stats’ and I hadn’t really watched him play. And as I’ve watched him play, my goodness, I texted my mom not long ago, I said ‘Mom, you were right .LaMelo’s a problem. He’s a problem, mom.'”

Green was added to a long list of teammates, NBA players and coaches, who admire the talent of the Charlotte Hornets’ rookie point guard.

“I love his game. He’s super fast which I had no clue he’s fast and downhill like that. He’s extremely smart, and he don’t even know how to play the NBA game yet. He’s just out there playing. He’s like a little kid in a candy store just out there having fun, but he’s very smart.”