Los Angeles Lakers 2020 NBA champions
Photo: NBA/Twitter

Former NBA All-Star, Olympic Gold Medalist and accomplished businessman, Michael Redd, shared his thoughts on which teams can contend for the title this season. He named two teams in the Eastern Conference and five in the West.

“The Sixers sure, they got an upgrade in the coaching,” Redd said on the newest episode of 1-ON-1 with Basketball Network. “I love Brett Brown, Doc rivers has an incredible career coaching so he’s been a great addition. Joel Embiid is playing at MVP level, Ben Simmons is playing at a high level, so you gotta look at Philly and what they’re doing. You have to certainly look at the Nets, what Brooklyn is doing and they’re being strategic and adding roster spots. So glad KD is back and he’s healthy this year is so good for the NBA, Brooklyn definitely is certainly a contender.”

“I’ve always been a Kevin Durant fan even when he was a young fella and I was playing against him. Just to be at that height at seven foot, to do all the things that he can do is just really special. So gifted in every facet and he’s just a joy to watch, because he plays as if he’s a guard at seven foot with guard skills. Defensively he’s gotten better over the last five, six years. I would love to see him on the all defensive squad, but he’s the total package. Hopefully they stay healthy.”

When it comes to the Western Conference, Redd sees a number of teams that can actually fight for the championship. He specifically names the Lakers, Clippers, Suns, Nuggets and Jazz.

“And you look at the west, obviously the Lakers with LeBron and healthy AD being obviously favorites one of the favorites at least. The Clippers are playing extremely well with Ty Lue with the helm this year, they’re just playing more hungrier and they’re deeper this year speaking of the Clippers. And then you can’t sleep on Phoenix and Denver and obviously Utah. Utah is playing extremely well. My little brother plays for Utah, Mike Conley, really proud of his career and what he’s been able to add to that team. But the west is deep, there’s about legit four or five teams in the west that could contend for the western conference championship and then in the east you’ve got legit three four teams.”