Steph Curry
Photo: Rick Bowmer/Associated Press

In a press conference ahead of the 2021 NBA All-Star Game, the Golden State Warriors star guard Stephen Curry speaks to reporters about HBCUs, the Curry Brand, playing alongside LeBron James, how Spain legend Juan Carlos Navarro inspired his game, Klay Thompson’s return, and more.

  • 0:00​ Whether he got recruited by any HBCUs.
  • 1:49​ His memories of the NBA shut down one year ago.
  • 3:37​ Unveiling the Curry Brand at the All-Star Game.
  • 5:19​ Playing alongside LeBron James for the first time in his career.
  • 7:01​ Whether the Olympics are on his mind.
  • 8:20​ How Spain legend Juan Carlos Navarro inspired his game.
  • 9:55​ His thoughts on and what he’s doing about fighting voter suppression.
  • 11:32​ His memories of his first All-Star Game.
  • 13:29​ What makes LeBron so special and maintain this level at his age.
  • 14:59​ Does he still get pregame butterflies?
  • 16:10​ If he’s looking forward to the end of the ASG with the new format.
  • 17:10​ His thoughts on Team LeBron.
  • 19:29​ Whether he thinks Klay Thompson will be back this season and why he does soccer tricks with Leandro Barbosa.
  • 20:57​ His feelings on being back at the ASG and on the Warriors’ rest of the season.