Frank Vogel Lakers
Photo: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Frank Vogel opened up about his decision to put Markieff Morris in the starting lineup of the Los Angeles Lakers in the last three games.

Vogel, the head coach of the Lakers, said he made Morris a starter in order to expand the rotation and rest some players that have played a lot this season.

“A couple games ago when we first did it, we wanted to introduce a 10th man into the rotation. That night it was Jared Dudley.

To get Jared Dudley in there, we didn’t like playing him and ‘Kieff together, so it was as simple as putting ‘Kieff in the starting lineup so we could introduce a 10th man into the rotation and lighten the load on some of the guys that have played heavy minutes,” Vogel told reporters, via Lakers Nation.

With Anthony Davis (calf strain) out until mid-March, Markieff Morris is expected to remain in the Lakers’ starting lineup for the foreseeable future.