Photo: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

This week’s events reminded us that nothing is guaranteed. In a week that started with a talk about the Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James resting and playing fewer minutes, ESPN’s highest-paid sportscaster with an annual salary of nearly $8 million Stephen A. Smith appreciates the fact that instead of taking a victory lap this season and coasting, at age 36 LeBron is still pushing himself to the limit and that is a gift to fans of the game.

  • 0:00​ Stephen A. revisits the Los Angeles Lakers’ blowout loss to the Utah Jazz.
  • 0:45​ Stephen A. is thankful for LeBron following a year full of tragedies in the sports world and beyond.
  • 2:03​ Stephen A. celebrates LeBron’s impressive season and unrelenting effort.