Jamal Murray
Photo: VCG

The Denver Nuggets guard Jamal Murray is advancing very fast, therefore he is regarded as the most promising guard of the team. However, during the game against the Washington Wizards he had a mental lapse which resulted in the loss of the game.

With 6.6 seconds left to play in the fourth quarter, Denver was down 110-112. Murray grabbed a defensive rebound and ran to a fast break. Instead of taking an open three, he held the ball and passed it to Facundo Campazzo just before the buzzer. The Argentinian guard managed to take a rushed three-pointer, but it rimmed off.

After the game, Murray was asked about the last possession. “Whatever you saw, I just should have shot it,” he said. “I should have shot it. It’s a four-on-one you gotta score.”

“Come on guys, come on man, come on man lock in. I’m playing basketball. Four-on-one somebody should go to the rim. I thought Mike [Michael Porter Jr.] was going on the rim. He stopped for three he might thought I was shooting it. I should have shot it. I gave a bad pass. I gave him a really bad pass. I didn’t know the clock either. That’s why I put it on me because I just I think if I’m gonna stop at the three, I gotta shoot it. And if Mike’s around the lane, you gotta go to the rim especially when there’s other guys behind him. So I guess it’s just a tough play where we didn’t know what we’re doing. We just gotta score but there’s a whole other game.”

This was the 15th loss of the season for the Nuggets. With a 17-15 record, last year’s Western Conference finalists find themselves in the 8th place in the West.