LeBron James
Photo: AP/Mark J. Terrill

There is a reason to be seriously concerned about the Los Angeles Lakers, says former football and current broadcaster LaVar Arrington.

According to him, other teams have found a way to defeat the Lakers and it should be worrisome. The key to their defense is forcing the reigning NBA champions to rely on their three-pointers that are not falling in.

“It sounds though as the Lakers need to contract you Chris Broussard to come in there and talk to their team and settle them down and calm them down and give them that nice kumbaya warm feeling that you’re giving me right now listening to not having to panic over this Lakers team. Because I’m any other mindset, I’m panicking. I’m panicking bigtime,” Arrington said on UNIDSPUTED.

“You know why? You know what I watched and I’ve seen with this Lakers team? I’ve seen the other teams figure out a way to defense this Lakers team. Looking at the sets I’m seeing the 3-2 set they’re setting up at the foul line at the free-throw area so that they can rotate out to the edges and play defense out there on those perimeter shooters.

But it’s passive It’s passive perimeter defense. You know why? Because they’re basically banking on the fact that this Lakers team is going to have to live and die by the three ball to be able to beat these teams. And they’re not doing it. That’s why I feel they’ve gone on this slide.”

Both the Lakers head coach Frank Vogel and LeBron James talked about the team’s shooting woes. The latter was of the opinion that the shooting slump is temporary and it will pass at some point.