John Wall
Photo: Mike Wyke/Pool Photo via USA TODAY Sports

After Houston Rockets vs. Washington Wizards, John Wall speaks to reporters at a press conference, talking about:

  • 0:00​ His thoughts on his first game back in D.C.
  • 0:45​ The Rockets’ defense
  • 1:09​ Whether he proved to the Wizards he can still play
  • 1:33​ How it feels to start a new path in his career
  • 2:16​ Coming back and seeing a lot of his old friends on the Wizards
  • 3:20​ How a lack of fans changed things vs. how he pictured his return would go
  • 4:19​ Fighting through all the team’s injuries
  • 5:08​ Seeing his teammates fight through adversity
  • 5:40​ Wizards trainer Alex McLean, who helped Wall through his injury recovery, plus all the people who helped him along the way, including some laid-off employees
  • 6:50​ Why he played so well in the first half
  • 7:40​ Whether getting back into playoff contention is possible