NBA Jam gets updated with current rosters

He's On Fire!


Classic basketball-but-not-really-basketball video game NBA Jam has been updated to bring us mostly up to date where the NBA’s player body is concerned, with a mod having included most of today’s stars, as well as the 2020 rookie class.

The mod has also brought the game – 1994’s NBA Jam Tournament – up to speed on the NBA’s full cast of 30 teams, which was not the case before as there weren’t 30 teams around when it was released well over two decades ago.

You’ll probably be pleased to know that you can assault the rim with the likes of LeBron James and Alex Caruso, but you won’t be rewarded for flopping as fouls are allowed. In fact, they’re encouraged.

Said mod can be downloaded right here.

The update also brings non-NBA names to the fore, with the likes of Barry Allen (The Flash) and Mortal Kombat’s Johnny Cage included as playable characters.