Photo: AP

Sacramento Kings’ Marvin Bagley III made it clear that he has no intentions of talking about his father’s tweet asking the Kings to trade him.

“Before we start, I just want to say that if there are no questions about the game tomorrow or what we’re going to do tomorrow, please don’t ask, I don’t want to give any extra information on nothing,” Bagley said on Jan. 3, via James Ham of NBC Sports California. “If you don’t have any questions about the team and tomorrow’s game, then hold off.”

“@SacramentoKings PLEASE trade Marvin Bagley III ASAP! Love – Coach Bagley,” his father tweeted.

The since-deleted tweet stemmed from the lack of recent fourth quarter playing time for Bagley, as he has only played a total of two fourth quarter minutes in the team’s last three games.

Under the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement, any player who publicly requests a trade will be fined, so it’s not surprising that Bagley didn’t mention his father’s tweet.

Bagley reportedly continues to maintain an open line of communication with head coach Luke Walton and the two spoke on Jan. 3.

“We’ve had very honest talks,” said Walton. “Things we talk about I’m going to keep between us but throughout my time here we’ve had a lot of good talks about honest things which I believe a coach and a player should have. Nothing different, nothing new. But with him and all the guys I coach, I try to make that a high priority. Understanding that not everyone is always going to be happy, but the communication will always be there and always available.”

Walton also addressed the comments by Bagley’s father after the Kings’ 104-92 loss to the Houston Rockets, avoiding adding fuel to the fire.

“My message is always the same — we don’t listen to any of that,” said Walton. “It’s us within these walls, us within this locker room. We’re in this together. Like I always say, good or bad, we’ve got to do everything we can to not let that affect what we’re trying to get done here.”

Bagley, 21, is averaging 11.8 points, 8.0 rebounds and 1.0 assist per game in the team’s first six games.