Bogdan Bogdanovic Sacramento Kings
Photo: Rich Pedroncelli/Associated Press

The NBA has determined that the Milwaukee Bucks violated league rules with the timing of the Bogdan Bogdanovic transaction and will lose their 2022 second round draft pick.

After the investigation into the sign-and-trade that was opened on Nov. 20, the league ultimately determined that early discussions between the Bucks and Bogdanovic and/or his agent did take place in “conduct detrimental to the NBA.”

“The penalty took into account the Bucks’ cooperation with the investigation, the absence of evidence of any impermissible early agreement on the terms of a contract between the Bucks and Bogdanovic, and the fact that the team ultimately did not sign Bogdanovic,” according to the statement released by the NBA.

The Bucks could’ve faced a more severe penalty if the NBA found evidence of an early agreement between the two sides.

The 2022 second round pick is the first one that was available, as the Bucks already traded away their 2021 second round pick in a 2018 deal for George Hill.