Photo: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Bucks paid a huge premium to bring Jrue Holiday to Winscosin and help the team realize its potential to win a championship.

The veteran guard’s acquisition came in a time where the Bucks needed more than ever to add All-Star talent with Giannis Antetokounmpo being in his last year of his contract.

Holiday talked on ‘Posted Up’ podcast hosted by Yahoo! Sports’ Chris Haynes about his winning mentality and his future plans regarding the Milwaukee Bucks, as he also enters the final year of his contract.


“Haynes: Could you see a future in Milwaukee beyond this year? Is that something you’re open to or do you want to take the wait and see approach?”

“Jrue: We’re for sure open to it. Again, I’m about winning, and this franchise over the past few years, they have been doing a very good job of that. Man, I’m really trying to win, to be completely honest. I’m trying to put banners up there, put a ring on my finger, and I’m trying to have fun doing it. This really seems like it could be the place for that.”

Holiday will be eligible for a four-year, $135 million extension in February with the Bucks, as ESPN’s Bobby Marks reported.