Gordon Hayward
Photo: Associated Press

Gordon Hayward was one of the biggest names in the NBA to change teams during this offseason. The 30-year-old forward, who spent the past three seasons with the Boston Celtics, moved to the Charlotte Hornets that is owned by Michael Jordan.

When talking about how his trade to the Hornets happened, Hayward admitted that he was starstruck when he talked to Jordan prior to signing with his team. He also revealed that MJ wanted to bring Hayward to Charlotte for years.

“I’ll never forget that first go-around when I was a restricted free agent and I came here and visited Charlotte and ended up signing that offer sheet that Michael gave me. That meant a lot to me,” Hayward said.

“I think I did a video conference with him on that visit. Any time you talk to Michael Jordan there’s a little bit of that starstruck. I remember watching him growing up. I think I asked him back then if Reggie [Miller] fouled him when he pushed off and hit the shot against them when Reggie was on the Pacers in the playoffs then. He’s one of the greatest players to ever play if not the greatest player. I think everyone feels that a little bit.

“So I never forgot that. This second go-around he actually mentioned that as well when talked to him on the phone when he had texted me a little bit that he’s wanted me for years now.”