Ioannis Papapetrou
Photo: Euroleague Basketball

Panathinaikos secured another important win at home after defeating Bayern Munich, 83-76, on Friday night. The players of coach Vovoras performed very well in both ends of the court, dominating the rebounds and playing good defense on the Germans.

Nemanja Noedovic was the top scorer for Panathinaikos with the Serbian registering 17 points while Sant-Roos scored 14 points. For the guests, Vladimir Lucic had another productive night with 20 points with Baldwin and Reynolds adding another 12 each.

The Match

The game started with Panathinaikos playing aggressively on defense but Bayern still able to avoid making too many mistakes. Bayern got their first 4-point lead on the game with 3 free throws from Vladimir Lucic (2-6). Panathinaikos’ reply came right away with a triple from Sant- Roos and the game back to a single point lead for Bayern Munich (5-6). Panathinaikos dominated the offensive rebounds, played great defense forcing Bayern to turnovers and got their first 3-point lead of the match (13-10). The “greens” extended their lead against Bayern Munich and ended the first quarter leading by 5 points (18-13).

With Aaron White opening the second quarter with a triple, Nemanja Nedovic getting the steal and Howard Sant-Roos scoring two easy points, Panathinaikos started the second quarter ideally, building a double digit lead (23-13). Panathinaikos was stealing one ball after the other from Bayern with the Germans unable to handle the pressure and committing turnovers. That of course was the perfect chance for Panathinaikos to take their lead to 13 points (26-13). Bayern Munich found a better rhythm in both offense and defense, but Panathinaikos was still dominant in all aspects of the game (33-22). Five consecutive points from Vladimir Lucic (10 points in the game) brought the difference down to 8 points forcing coach Vovoras to a time out (35-27). Despite Bayern’s comeback and Wade Baldwin finding his rhythm in offense, Panathinaikos stayed concentrated and headed to the locker rooms leading by 9, 44-35.

Photo: Euroleague Basketball

In the third quarter, Bayern started strong determined to return on the game (46-39). The return of Giorgos Kalaitzakis brought energy back on the court for Panathinaikos keeping their lead to satisfactory numbers against the Germans. Bayern improved their offensive rebounds percentages, got more chances to score and took the difference down to 7 points (53-46). Sant-Roos with his second three pointer of the game brought the difference back to double digits with Vladimir Lucic trying to keep Bayern alive (56-48). Bayern Munich made the game a four point lead for Panathinaikos bringing some excitement and interest back on the game (58-54). Panathinaikos was moving around the ball ideally, creating opportunities inside the paint and increasing their efficiency percentages from the paint to end the third quarter, 60-54.

In the beginning of the fourth and final quarter, Bayern made the game a one-possession match (62-59) but Panathinaikos stopped Bayern’s momentum with a three from Howard Sant-Roos (65-59). Papagiannis was showing his range of shots and helped Panathinaikos keep their lead without letting Bayern come any closer. The difference was between 2-5 points but Panathinaikos was always able to keep their lead and make another step closer to the win (75-70). Nemanja Nedovic was the one who helped Panathinaikos even more, 77-70, forcing coach Trinchieri to a time out. Panathinaikos was determined to end the match with the players of coach Vovoras securing another win at home, 83-76.