Jared Dudley on how December 22 start would impact Lakers

Jared Dudley
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

It seems most likely that the 2020-2021 NBA season will start on December 22, which means that the teams that went deep into the playoffs will have just a little over two months to rest and get ready for the coming season.

Free agent Jared Dudley, who has just won his first championship with the Los Angeles Lakers, thinks his team will have to take care of their bodies to prevent injuries.

“For the Lakers it’s a quick turn around. But good thing everyone besides me and LeBron are young, relatively young in AD, in Kuzma and guys,” the 35-year-old veteran told Frank Isola on SiriusXM NBA Radio.

“Hopefully, we’re there, the ring night. There will be a special night. Obviously, Christmas you know Lakers and how big our fanbase is they want to see Lakers at that time. Certainly, we’re going to have to watch the whole team’s bodies and injury prevention. It’s a marathon and we have to be smart about that early on especially.”