LeBron James
Photo: nbcsports.com

Sports analyst Stephen A. Smith reacted to the Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James saying he wants his ‘damn respect’ after his fourth NBA championship and Finals MVP.

Smith went on a rant on ESPN’s Get Up, saying LeBron will never be the GOAT for him. “Consider yourself disrespected because you’ll never be my No. 1,” he said.

“He will be number two but no my number one. It will never be universal. Because as long as I’m living and breathing I’ve got breath in my body and I got a voice and I got vocal chords you will her me say LeBron James is no Michael Jordan. Period.”

According to Smith, there is nothing that James can do to overtake Jordan, except ‘erasing the six NBA Finals losses’. Jordan is 6-0 in his Finals appearances. Meanwhile, LeBron is 4-6.