LeBron James
Photo: Getty Images

Los Angeles Lakers star and the most well-known self-proclaimed social justice warrior LeBron James has an NBA salary of around 40 million dollars with endorsement deals raking in an additional estimate of $55 million dollars bringing his total annual income to around $100 million.

So even though he may be number 5 on the list of highest-paid athletes – his endorsements and other companies put him way ahead of everyone! Endorsement deals like Beats by Dre, Coca-Cola, Nike, KIA Motors, Blaze Pizza, 2K Sports, and more.

If we’re talking contracts over the years – he made over $169 million with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 11 seasons, over $64 million with Miami Heat in four seasons and over $73 million with the Lakers in just two seasons – his total four-year contract with the Lakers is $153M.

Most recently, he purchased a Beverly Hills mansion for $36.7 million but he also owns two other homes in Brentwood – one that was $21 million and the other that he purchased two years after that one for $23 million. LeBron James had an estimated net worth of 450 million dollars in 2018, according to Forbes.

His career earnings banked a beautiful over $1 billion after signing his Lakers deal in 2018 so as of 2020, it’s not unreasonable to assume that his current net worth is sitting at or above half a billion dollars. Most of that is not even coming from his NBA salary.

Endorsements make up a huge chunk of his income, but he also earns money from investments, businesses, film and television appearances, and as a Hollywood producer, via Before They Were Famous: