Photo: Melissa Phillip/Houston Chronicle

Daryl Morey stepped down as the Houston Rockets general manager, after seven seasons with the franchise, and Colin Cowherd explained the reason behind Morey’s decision.

Cowherd referred to the Russell Westbrook’s and James Harden’s inability to play together, when it matters describing the Rockets’ job as the ‘worst-best job’ in the NBA.


“It’s just not going to work. Harden and Westbrook are going to eventually face teams in the playoffs and they’re just situationally not built to play together.

They’ll be fun, you’ll win a bunch of games, but I think you’re kind of tied to Westbrook’s contract. I think Harden is obviously an unbelievable scorer but we’ve got history now on the playoff stuff. And will he ever set Cowa screen for somebody, will he get back and guard the best player on the other team?

So I think Daryl Morey is actually making the right move here, I really do. I just think sometimes in business, things run it’s course.”

The Rockets went all-in last summer, when they traded for Russell Westbrook giving up a number of picks along with Chris Paul.

They lost to the title-favorites Los Angeles Lakers in five games, after taking the lead in Game 1 of the series. Westbrook and Harden didn’t exactly show they cannot play together, despite being two ball-dominant guards.

However, both will have to adjust their play in postseason for Houston to have a chance to win a championship in the next few years.