Brazilian National Basketball team is getting set for the World Cup in Spain, with lots of hope emerging from the interesting mix of NBA superstars like the Champion with San Antonio Spurs, Tiago Splitter, and the locals who seem determined to give their best this September.

Ruben Magnano will be on the bench again for the Latin Americans, a solution that is leading them safely since 2010 when he joined the team. The most important thing he has to do is to find the balance between the players who are, individually, great talents with big moments on their careers like said before for Splitter, without leaving behind stars such as Huertas and of course Leandro Barbosa.

Brazil roster

Marcelo Machado (G)

Raulzinho Neto (SG)

Rafael Hettsheimer (PF)

Larry Taylor (PG)

Alex Garcia (SG)

Marcelinho Huertas (PG)

Leadrinho Barbosa (SG)

Anderson Varejao (C )

Guilherme Giovannoni (F)

Nene Hilario (PF)

Marquinhos Vieira (F)

Tiago Splitter (C )