LeBron James, Michael Jordan
Photo: lakersdaily.com

Former NBA champion Nick Young shared an interesting take on popular comparison between Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Young compared the opposition Jordan faced in the NBA Finals with that of LeBron’s.

He came to a conclusion that the Chicago Bulls legend faced only one superstar during his 6-0 Finals run. It was an older Magic Johnson, according to Young.

On the other hand, James, who is 3-6 in the Finals, had to go up against superstars in their prime. Young mentioned Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and Tim Duncan.

“To me MJ never went up against a super star besides an older magic in the finals he’s played against stars this the first time ever bron playing against a non super star team in the finals … what I mean by super stars is Kd curry Duncan ppl that are top 3 in they position ever,” Swaggy P tweeted.