Joe Harris Brooklyn Nets
Photo: Nick Wass/Associated Press

The Brooklyn Nets named Joe Harris impending free agency a “number one priority”, but, according to New York Post’s Brian Lewis latest piece, they are going to face stiff competition to bring the former 3-point champion back.

Harris will be an unrestricted free agent with the Brooklyn Nets being capped out, after the re-signing of Caris LeVert.

“The league’s second-best shooter over the past three seasons, Harris could be courted not only by teams with plenty of cash and no shooting (Knicks, Hawks) but in sign-and-trades as well,” Lewis wrote.

However, many teams will have the room in their cap to make a move for Harris, who provides great value as a shooter with Lewis referring to the Hawks and the Knicks as possible suitors.

On the other hand, according to the New York Post’s reporter, capped out teams, like the Warriors or the Sixers, could also be in the mix as a sign-and-trade option.

“There are other teams with space such as Charlotte or Minnesota, with the Timberwolves having a very Nets-like profile (hoisting the third-most 3s at 39.7 per game) with assistant GM Gianluca Pascucci. But a source said there has been interest in Harris sign-and-trades, with capped-out teams like the 76ers or Warriors being potential fits.”