The Toronto Raptors are preparing for the offseason, as they returned from the Orlando “bubble”, after their elimination in the EC semifinals vs. Boston.

Nick Nurse signed a multiyear contract extension, but the architect of the Raptors’ success, Masai Ujiri, has not had any conversations on his future until now.

“No, I haven’t had discussions, and honestly, coming out of this, things are a little raw,” he said on a conference call with local media, per Michael Grange of “I’m going to reflect a little bit and we will address it when it’s time to address it. It’s not something I’m going to do in the media and publicly, with respect, but no I haven’t had conversations.

It’s been an obligation for me to take care of my leadership team, obviously starting with Nick Nurse. Super excited about that, and him. The future is bright. But in terms of me, I haven’t had those conversations and I’ll wait ’til those happen in the future.”

Ujiri is entering the final year of his contract in Toronto with the Raptors looking ahead of the 2021 free agency, where reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo may be available.

With Ujiri at the forefront of the franchise’s front office, the Raptors credibility to remain a winning organization is marginalized to a huge extend.