CJ McCollum Damian Lillard
Photo: Sam Forencich/Getty Images

Following the embarrassing effort by the Clippers in their 104-89 loss to the Denver Nuggets in Game 7, Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum were seen on Twitter talking some smack to the Clipper superstars.

The beef between the players originated after the Trail Blazers’ loss to the Clippers on August 8th. Beverley mocked them by commenting “Cancun on 3” on a post, making fun of the fact that they weren’t going to make the playoffs (Blazers later clinched a playoff berth).

This is the backstory on McCollum’s tweet. As for Lillard’s tweet, he was mocking Paul George’s “it was a bad shot” comment from last season after hitting a buzzer-beater from the logo in his face to send him, and the Oklahoma City Thunder home.