Warriors guard Shaun Livingston is seen in a

Shaun Livingston says the Golden State Warriors can win championships again according to Wes Goldberg of Bay Area News Group. Livingston was a vital piece to the Warriors during their championship runs. The team is in a new state. Kevin Durant is no longer there and the team looks completely different.

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are coming back. They have a new piece at the three in Andrew Wiggins that will allow Curry to be the true number one player on the team. The Warriors are one of the teams to watch next season. They will have a stacked roster that includes a bench that is one of the best in the league.

Livingston said this about the Warriors title chances according to Wes Goldberg of Bay Area News Group:

“It’s hard to say. Depends on a lot of factors. Health. … I can definitely see (being a championship contender) within a 3 to 5-year window, it’s still open.”

The Warriors have a lot of great players. Curry was a top three player in the league when he was playing. Thompson is one of the best shooters in NBA history. Andrew Wiggins will have pressure taken off of him because of the talents around him. The Warriors can take a page out of the San Antonio Spurs book and draft a player that will help them next year.

What they do with the pick next year has yet to be seen. The team, though, has a lot of promising pieces on their roster. While winning three championships again is probably a little far fetched they have a chance to create a log jam in the West.

There are an abundance of great teams in the West. Teams that are waiting for their chance will be upset that the Warriors are now in contention again. Next year will be highly competitive in the West. It will be lopsided across the NBA landscape. The already better Western Conference will be light years better than the East.

Livingston is a home teamer and knows what the Warriors have done for him. They revitalized his career and took a once forgotten player into a champion. The Warriors are different now but they have a chance next year to create the same magic from the past.