Kevin Garnett reacts to the Nets hiring Steve Nash as head coach

Steve Nash Kevin Garnett
Photo: Steve Spatafore/Getty Images

Kevin Garnett shared his thoughts on the decision of the Brooklyn Nets to hire Steve Nash as the head coach of the team.

Garnett believes the two-time NBA MVP and Hall of Famer will do a great job as the head coach of Brooklyn.

“Underneath the Hollywood smile, the hair and the dope conversation is a killer. He’s a competitor, bruh. I can remember him never quitting. I can remember him always coming back.

I can remember him getting his nose broke and still going. Steve’s a f–king fighter, man. He’s one of them guys you want in the trenches with you.

There’s only but so many people that you want in the trenches with you, that’s gonna fight back and be right there with you and Steve’s one of them people.

I always remember him being a fierce competitor under all that brashness and all that polish,” Garnett told Kristian Winfield of the New York Daily News.

Nash signed a four-year contract with the Nets and that will be his first job as head coach.