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Lakers player Danny Green says he knows what Paul George is going through,according to Tomer Azarly of ClutchPoints. Paul George went through a shooting slump that spanned through the course of three games. Game 5 was an awakening for George in which he scored 35 points to lead the Clippers.

Many of the players have come to the support of George. Now even the Los Angeles Lakers and Danny Green, who are the Clippers hated rival, have come and showed their support for the 6’9 swingman. George is a highly respected individual in the NBA and Danny Green reaching out is no surprise.

Here’s what Green said:

“The bubble is as good as your play. If you’re not playing well, walls are gonna close in on you. Trust me, I know exactly what PG is going through. You have nothing but to look at your phone & social media all day & all they’re doing is bullying you.”

George had to block out the noise around and just go out and play ball. With the help of his teammates and other people involved in the NBA, he was able to do so. The fraternity of the NBA has proved again to be greater than any rivalry.