Kevin Durant: “I still have burners that I use for sure”

Kevin Durant
Photo: Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Kevin Durant is famous not only for his basketball skills, but also for engaging in sometimes heated conversations with people on social media. One thing he likes to do is to use burner accounts.

The biggest story involving KD’s burners was back in 2017 when the topic of him leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors came up again.

As reported by Bleacher Report, a Twitter user asked Durant what his motives were for leaving OKC other than getting a championship.

The superstar apparently wanted to reply from his burner account, but accidentally used his real one. Durant tweeted from his real account but the text was in third person.

“I still have burners that I use for sure. I have a burner twitter account still…When I deleted it I was like, ‘these people really made me delete what I enjoy, which is my burner account.’ So I got another one,” Durant said on The Corp Podcast as transcribed by

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