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Thanks to coronavirus lockdowns around the world, online gambling is taking off in an unprecedented way. People were already flocking to online casinos and sports betting platforms in huge numbers prior to lockdowns being imposed, but enforced quarantine means many people are looking to indoor entertainment sources that are convenient and also offer the chance to earn real money. You might be wondering which of the two pastimes is more effective for you; which one you’d have more fun trying and which one would bring you the highest return on your investment. The truth is that there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Here’s our guide on whether online casino betting or NBA betting is for you.

Got NBA expertise? Try NBA betting

It might sound obvious, but if you’re an expert when it comes to the NBA, then that knowledge will be extremely valuable as a bettor. You’ll be able to more accurately predict game outcomes and player movements, and you’ll know when teams will be fatigued or when they’ll have the home-court advantage more intuitively than someone who’s coming at the sport from scratch. While thorough knowledge of a sport isn’t completely essential to bet on it – sports betting is a game of strategy, after all – there’s no doubt it helps immensely in moment-to-moment decision-making. It’s a good idea to try to put that expertise to good use by becoming an NBA bettor because you’ll start off with an innate advantage over your competitors.

Want extensive choice? Check out online casino gaming

Of course, there are plenty of sports betting platforms out there, and all of them will offer various bonuses and advantages to beginners and long-term customers alike. However, for sheer choice in terms of games, it’s hard to beat online casino gaming. Some of the best popular Australian casinos, for example, offer literally thousands of casino games, featuring both old classics and variations on favourites that add new, clever twists to well-worn gameplay. There are plenty of options when it comes to sports betting, but the number of mainstream sports out there pales in comparison to the volume of casino games. If you don’t like to settle and you like to “play the field”, so to speak, then online casino gaming is for you.

Skilled in money management? Both are good options

Both online casino gaming and NBA betting require you to have a good head on your shoulders when it comes to money management. All of the strategies you need to deploy in your regular life in order to keep a handle on your finances also apply to NBA betting and online casino gaming bankroll management. Setting realistic, sensible bankroll limits and adhering to them is the key to creating consistent profit margins in both pastimes. Many of the most popular jobs in the world are already concerned with money management in some capacity, so there’s a strong likelihood you’ve already encountered this aspect of NBA betting or online casino gaming in your professional life.

More of a stats head? NBA betting is perfect

Online casino gaming doesn’t involve quite the same focus on statistics and analysis that NBA betting does. In order to become a successful NBA bettor, you will have to understand team movements, player statistics, and trends. You’ll need to be able to extrapolate conclusions from data and use those conclusions to help you make betting decisions. In online casino gaming, while your strategy will certainly contain similar analytical skills, it’s not the focus in the same way as it is with NBA betting. After all, online casino gaming arguably contains a greater element of luck than sports betting does; human behaviour is predictable, but chance-based machine algorithms are much more tricky to manipulate.

Like to be social? Online casino gaming may be for you

There is, of course, a thriving network of social betting that surrounds all sports, including the NBA. You’ll find a welcoming, friendly community if you decide to pursue NBA betting, but there’s simply no substitute for the social experience of online casino gaming. It’s far less competitive than sports betting; the reduced focus on analysis means everyone feels like they’re in the same boat, so to speak. While sports bettors are cautiously friendly with one another, there’s often an element of antagonism simply because everyone’s trying to find the tip that nobody else has, while with online casino gaming, emphasis on luck is the great leveller. If you like to talk a lot while you game, online casino gaming is your pastime of choice.

Addictive personality? Stay away from both

While the vast, vast majority of gamblers will be able to maintain a healthy relationship with gambling, there are some who have too much of an addictive personality. For those people, gambling could become a problem, and if you’re one of them, it’s not a good idea to pursue either online casino gaming or NBA betting even in a rudimentary way. Telltale signs include obsessing over gambling, allocating more resources to it than you should, or feeling the need to justify excessive gambling to family members. Gambling can be an immensely enjoyable pastime, but it shouldn’t take over your life and it shouldn’t be a detriment to your mental or physical health. Think carefully about whether gambling is for you, and surround yourself with supportive family members and friends to help you.

It’s impossible to definitively state whether you will prefer online casino gaming or NBA betting. We’ve outlined some of the reasons above why either one may appeal to you, but in the end, the only way to know is to try it out for yourself. We recommend getting out there, finding some reputable and well-regarded sites, and placing a few wagers. Good luck!