Mike D'Antoni Houston Rockets
Photo: Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press

Mike D’ Antoni and the Rockets have won their first two games in Orlando, so it made sense to ask him about how much better the experience has been than a regular NBA game. In just a small sample size, the LA Clippers have shattered their franchise record in 3-pointers and TJ Warren has already dropped 53 points. In the game against the Sixers, Warren dropped nine threes.

Warren is not a top-five player in the NBA and the Clippers are not the best team in terms of three-point shooting, but these games have allowed those things to be possible. The Houston Rockets joined in on the three-point barrage by attempting 61 threes. Rockets head coach Mike D’ Antoni talked about how much easier it is to shoot on these courts.

“Seriously, it’s a great stage to play. There’s not a lot of distractions. It’s the same court every night. You get your shooting, depth perception and all that.”

The corner three has been a treasure trove for teams because of the lack of distractions. In a regular NBA game there are players on the bench on one side and fans on the other side. With no fans and the players not being as close as they once were to the action, it has made Orlando basketball heaven.