LeBron James, Zion Williamson, Giannis Antetokounmpo

Whether you’re a lifelong basketball fan or you’re just getting started with the sport, betting on the NBA can be a hugely lucrative side hustle or maybe even a main career if you’re smart enough. Just like any other form of sports betting, you’ll need a huge amount of knowledge, not only about the sport itself but also about the teams and players involved. However, even if you’re an absolute beginner, you can start betting on the NBA and making some serious cash into the bargain. Here’s how to get started with NBA basketball betting.

Consider online casino betting too

Before you begin betting on sports, you might want to consider getting some practice in by checking out an online casino. This new casino online at KasynoHEX Poland, for example, is a great way to understand the ins and outs of probability and the concept of betting online before you head into NBA betting. There’s a lot of similarity between online casino play and sports betting; both rely on luck to some degree, but it’s also possible to approach both with a solid strategy and see significantly more return than someone who’s ill-prepared.

Start following NBA news

The most important thing when you’re betting on NBA games is to stay informed about the status of individual players and teams. You need to know if a star player is injured because it’ll significantly impact that team’s ability to win or chances of losing. This means you’ll need to keep an eye on the news right up until the moment the game starts; sudden changes and surprise events can happen, and the last thing you want is for your bet to fold because a player was subbed at the last minute and you didn’t know about it. Always follow the news.

Pay close attention to your bankroll

One of the most fundamental concepts in betting – and sports betting is no different – is that of the bankroll. This is, effectively, the money you are willing to use to bet, and it can be used to refer both to the amount of each bet and to the funds you have as a whole for betting. Put simply, bankroll management is key in NBA betting. Knowing when to bet and when to stay away is a vital skill, and you also need to be able to adjust your betting amount when your bankroll isn’t looking too hot. Think of it as budgeting for your betting and you’ll go far.

Think about schedule tracking

If you’re staying abreast of NBA news, you should also be closely tracking schedules for as many teams as possible. The idea is that if a team plays on two nights consecutively, that team will be fatigued and thus a bet against that team is a strong one even if the team itself is being over-valued by booking agents. Of course, everyone knows about this strategy, so you’ll have to either be quick on the draw or look to lesser-known teams to try and get the edge. If you’re savvy, though, schedule tracking and schedule observation can bring you a lot of money in NBA betting.

Come up with a strategy

Your strategy is the cornerstone of your existence as a sports bettor, so having one that works for you and consistently pays dividends is crucial. This could be as simple as only betting on certain teams during certain times of the season, or consistently looking for favourites to bet against based on information you’ve accrued. Whatever your strategy might be – and we can’t tell you what it should be, because you’ll only learn through observation – it’s important to put it into practice and consistently reinforce it each time you engage with NBA betting.

Track your bets

Don’t ever place a bet and then discard the result, positive or negative, from your records. It’s important to keep exhaustive track of every bet you make because that way you can identify trends and refine your strategy more closely. Each and every time you make a bet, write down what the bet was, what the odds were, who the teams were, and what the outcome was. When you’ve got enough records, you can start looking through your bets to see if there’s a consistent pattern; you perform better on certain days, for example, or you’re better when it comes to certain types of players.

Focus on a few teams

Trust us when we say that trying to keep track of every single team in the NBA for betting purposes is exhausting. Instead, you should try to focus on certain teams and see if you can develop in-depth strategies for those teams. This won’t necessarily result in less work for you, but it will mean that your work is less spread out and so you’ll have less chance of making a mistake. Perform close analysis of player movements, game structures, and strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll soon develop strategies around specific teams. It’s well worth specialising.