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According to Bol Bol’s trainer, Julius V, he is the new unicorn. Fans tuned in to the first basketball in months over the weekend and it did not disappoint. One of the surprises was the Denver Nuggets starting lineup against the Washington Wizards on Wednesday.

The Nuggets had the tallest starting lineup in NBA history with Bol Bol at small forward. The 7-2 star had 16 points against the Wizards and followed that up with 15 points at power forward on Saturday against the New Orleans Pelicans. Bol Bol’s trainer talked about how hard he has worked.

According to the Denver Post, he said:

“He was in the gym all day,” V told the Denver Post. “What I told him…just as special and as freaky as he is on offense, he can be just as special and freaky on defense,” V said. “It’s not always about actually blocking the shot. You can alter the guy’s shot. You can make guys second-guess if they should shoot.”

Bol Bol was not drafted high but he has loads of potential and that potential has been on display in Orlando. The games will give many players the chance to break out and Bol Bol is one of them. This league has proven to be able to produce 7-0 positionless players.

“It’s crazy because you hear so many guys shout out unicorn and that’s exactly what he is,” V said. “Like [Dallas Mavericks’ Kristaps Porzingis]. Porzingis is the definition of a unicorn. Bol is that.”