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Ever since the NBA’s season got suspended, Lakers forward Anthony Davis has been thriving. He says the break has allowed him to get “100% healthy” and this should be a scary sight for opponents. Him saying this reveals that he has been averaging 26.7 points, 9.4 rebounds, and 3.1 assists per game this season UNHEALTHY.

Davis thinks the Lakers’ championship odds have increased over the break. He stated: “I think our chances got higher because we’re all rested and ready to go.” The Los Angeles Lakers were already the number one seed in the Western Conference, so Davis saying this, could mean trouble for the rest of the league.

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Anthony Davis says the NBA break has allowed him to get "100% healthy," and he thinks the Lakers’ championship odds got better over the break💯 _ “I think our chances are the same,” Davis said, before correcting himself. “Actually I think our chances are higher because we’re all rested and ready to go.” ”It’s going to be about just who wants it more” _ “It’s been good,” Davis said of the time off. "It's been good for me to let some of them lingering injuries I had towards the time when the NBA stopped to kind of recover and heal and get back into the best version of myself," he said. "I feel 100 percent healthy. Well, I don't feel, I am 100 percent healthy. I feel like I'm ready. Ready to go." _ "I think we're stronger together," Davis said. "Everyone in Orlando, we're going to obviously be talking about everything that's going on from a social injustice standpoint. And I think a platform of the NBA, where I think at that time, we're going to be the only ones on TV. _ "So, I think we're able to have more people in the room from other teams and receive other ideas and figure out how we can change the world. What can we do individually and what can we do as a unit to make change, and I think the more people we have, the more minds we have, the more ideas and thoughts we can come up with to kind of change the world and change what's going on."

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