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There are millions of people around the world who enjoy placing a wager on many different sports. Of those, basketball is one that is chosen, and betting on basketball can be very enjoyable.

But where do you bet on basketball and what makes a great basketball betting site?

There are many different things you should look out for, most of which is general advice that you should adapt specifically for basketball.

We all love a great offer when it comes to anything, so finding a site that has betting offers available is always a good start.

Then you should look at the odds on offer, we want to win as much as possible, before comparing the markets you can bet on, giving you a great range of choice as to how you bet.

Basketball Betting Offers

Many bookmakers provide a welcome offer to their new players and some will also have follow up offers for their regular players to take advantage of after that. These can provide you with the best possible start to your basketball betting.

You can claim a free bet through thebookies offers website, with many different bookmakers listed on the site and a variety of different offers on the table.

When you claim a free bet and use it on basketball, you are giving yourself the chance to win money without risking anything of your own. A win here could help you build up a betting bank for nothing, so you will continuously be betting with money you have won rather than your own funds.

Look for bookmakers that also have regular offers on for existing players. These won’t be as big as the welcome offers you see, but give you the chance to win something, sometimes on a weekly basis.

How to Compare Bookmaker Odds

The odds available with bookmakers vary between them, and will also change when big news is released, such as the recent news reporting Joakim Noah could be heading to the Clippers.

It is for this reason that when you are comparing bookmaker odds, you should do so at the same time.

The best way to do this is to pick out some selections for games that are on the horizon. Look at the bookmakers you like and compare the prices that each have on offer.

See who gives you the best deal, and equally important, see who offers a poor deal who you may want to avoid.

There may only be a small difference between the best and worst in terms of how much you could win, but this will add up over the course of a long season.

Taking lower odds across a handful of wins during your time betting on basketball could result in a far lower profit, and it may even be the difference between profit and loss.

What Betting Markets Should You Look Out For?

There are many different ways in which you can bet on a game in the NBA. This means that the games which are seen as uncompetitive with a heavy favourite can still be good to bet on.

Beginners shouldn’t get too complex with their bets, but markets such as the handicap line, total points line and winning margin all offer you a different way to bet where the odds should be bigger.

Betting is a very personal pastime, some people prefer to keep it simple and low risk, others prefer to aim for one big win with big odds attached.

The key when finding a great basketball betting site is to find one that has a number of different markets and gives you the chance to bet how you like.