NBA 2K20
Photo: 2K Sports

Online gaming is a hugely popular activity these days now that broadband and gaming consoles are part of almost every household. Playing online games is known to be a great fun activity and also destresses the player. 

Online games are not only for children. A lot of adults are also spending a lot of time playing games, especially money making games such as the ones available at online casinos. There are probably thousands of online casinos on the internet and a lot of them may not be trust-worthy. Online gambling industry is really fast growing and considered highly lucrative so it’s always imperative to keep an eye out for the best of the lot so you can game without any worries. A site like Casinokokemus for example lists out all the options available for anyone interested in online gambling. But online casinos are just one part of online gaming and there’s a plethora of sports that one could play. Here are a few options if you just want to get online and play without any major setup process. 

Penalty Shooters

This brilliant game cuts to the chase. It’s a high tension game where you just have to score a goal. The entire stadium is watching you. Will you be able to score and take your team to the finals? Play to find out.

Ultimate Boxing

As the name suggests, all you have to do is step into the arena and face your opponent. Duck his punches and beat him to the ground. A classic arcade game, this is now online and you can compete with complete strangers from another part of the world.

World Basketball Championship

This basketball championship has a twist. The viewers are all cats. All you have to do is shoot hoops and impress the cool cats who have come to see you. 

Run n Gun Football

This American football game needs quick reaction time and instinct. You have to choose whether you want to pass or run and then follow the instructions accordingly.


FIFA18 is perhaps one of the most played online games in the history of gaming. While EA has been making FIFA games for 25 years, this is perhaps the greatest of them all as described in this Forbes article here. You will obviously need a console or a good gaming PC to play this but it’s totally worth the investment.  

NBA Live 18

NBA Live 18 is probably the greatest basketball simulation video game ever. Developed by Visual Concepts, it’s available on all platforms so you can even play it on a phone although the experience on an Xbox or Playstation is quite something. 

Motorsport Manager

If being a player does not really catch your fancy, then you might want to check out a managerial role. Motorsport Manager allows you to focus on strategy like what kind of wheels your car might need which will give you an edge over your competition.

Online gaming also comes with its cons especially related to addiction. It’s imperative to keep your gaming moderate and be mindful of how much time you are spending on it. Excessive gaming can lead to depression, mood swings and even violent behaviour.