Michael Jordan
Photo via Chicago.suntimes.com

After the end of his amazing career, Michael Jordan wanted to continue his legacy as an NBA team’s owner getting into the bussiness side of the league.

In 1999, Jordan decided to retire, flirting with the idea of becoming an NBA franchise owner. ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski piece about His Airness’s brief foray as an NBA owner created a great “what if” story for the Memphis Grizzlies.

“After his retirement, Jordan spent much of 1999 flirting with the idea of owning an NBA team. His bid to buy the Charlotte Hornets — a decade before he would buy the Bobcats — fell through. So did a bid to purchase the Milwaukee Bucks. There were discussions with the then-Vancouver Grizzlies, but nothing materialized,” Wyshynski wrote.

Jordan went on to purchase the Charlotte Bobcats one decade later (2009), leading the franchise to its first ever winning season in 2010. A few years later, the Charlotte franchise was renamed back to the original Charlotte Hornets.