You’ve heard the term rappers want to be ballers and ballers want to be rappers. These two professions go hand in hand. They bring people together and it’s always been that way.

Back in 1992, the world most iconic rapper criticized the most iconic basketball player. Tupac was a well-known leader in the African American community. He always gave back. Tupac wanted to be an inspiration to kids to let them know that they could be something. This was Tupac’s problem with MJ. He said Jordan never did much for the African American community. He says he never saw “Jordan in the hood”. Tupac said showing his face would mean the world to kids. He thinks that Jordan should “come down to the inner city, and just shoot the ball with the kids”. He knows that it would “change their life”.

Tupac goes on to say the problem with the people not making it out of the hood is that they never had a role model. Nobody to look up to. He says Jordan fails to be somebody’s hero. Tupac wants Jordan to give back to the African American community.