(Image/German Hoops)

In a recent interview with nbacallups.com, NBA prospect Anthony Watkins explained his decision to pass on college. Instead choosing to play professionally overseas in Germany.

The American born Germany U20 international graduated from McCallie High-School in 2019. Before playing in the Pro B and the Regionalliga for the 2019/20 season. He represented Lowen and the Giessen Pointers, respectively.

“The decision process for me always comes down to, and always will come down to, where is my game going to take the next step. My dream was actually to play in the NCAA. For me personally, my experience with the national team just kind of showed me, my game is probably best served going here. Not only getting into that new environment, as far as play-style and learning the ins and outs of the professional and European game. But I think also in Germany there’s more of a focus on the skill. I want to develop my skill as much as I can and I just saw in Germany that opportunity was there for me. I just jumped at it.”

“Playing with some 6’9/6’10 guys, going up trying to finish against them in practice, it’s helped me bunches. Being trusted into that point guard roll for the first time in my career, on the professional level, is more than I could have asked for and definitely was the next step in my development.”

You can watch the full interview with Anthony Watkins below: