Pascal Siakam
Photo: Carlos Osorio/Associated Press

Pascal Siakam relived the turning point of the Toronto Raptors title run last season. The Raptors’ forward talked about the shot that Kawhi Leonard hit to end the series against the Philadelphia 76ers.

“I was on the floor just looking at the ball bounce and bounce,” Siakam told Ernie Johnson during Wednesday night’s #NBATogether, per “I don’t know how many times, like you said maybe 12 times and go in.”

For Siakam, the most stressing element was the doubt during those seconds, which changed the Toronto Raptors trajectory in the playoffs.

“I was just like you guys. I was watching it bounce. If you look at me I’m like … every time the ball bounces, I’m bouncing myself, looking at it.”

After that, the Raptors went to win the Milwaukee Bucks in the Conference Finals to advance to the NBA championship series against the Golden State Warriors.

Siakam was vital through that run, averaging 19 points and 7.2 rebounds in the post-season helping his team win the first championship in the history of the franchise.

The forward from Cameroon also remembered how he feared for Serge Ibaka going for the rebound in the worst possible moment.

“I think the funniest part was, Serge was under the rim. And I think he wanted to go for the rebound. So the ball kept bouncing and Serge was trying to maybe jump for the rebound, and I’m looking at him like ‘Serge, please don’t jump.’ Please don’t jump. No goaltending, no nothing, we don’t want none of this.

It was an incredible moment, man. I will always remember that moment. It felt fast but like, it was slow at the same time.”