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The Brooklyn Nets have had internal discussions about ways that they can trade for Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal.

The Nets are in the market for a third star to go along with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, so it’s not surprising they’ve internally discussed Beal, according to Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News.

Whether Bradley Beal becomes available is the question, but the current circumstances have caused some speculation.

The Nets will have to match salaries for any trade with Beal earning about $29 million next year, as their best assets are Spencer Dinwiddie, Caris LeVert and Jarrett Allen, according to Bondy.

Back in January, Irving acknowledged a “pretty glaring” need to upgrade the roster.

“I mean, it’s transparent. It’s out there. It’s glaring, in terms of the pieces that we need in order to be at that next level,” Irving said. “I’m going to continue to reiterate it. We’re going to do the best with the guys that we have in our locker room now, and we’ll worry about all the other stuff, in terms of moving pieces and everything else, as an organization down the line in the summer.”

Beal has indicated several different times that he intends to stay in Washington and retire with the Wizards.

“I hate change. If it happens, it happens,” Beal previously told ESPN. “But if I can control it, I will finish in D.C. For me, I am kind of loyal to a fault.”

Beal enjoyed the most productive season of his career, averaging 30.5 points, 4.2 rebounds and 6.1 assists per game.

It will be interesting to see if the Nets can pull a trade off of this magnitude in the future.