This is around the time that we would be talking about what team would have the best chance to go to the NBA Finals. The pandemic that we are currently going through has halted any basketball dreams anybody was having. To help keep us satisfied ESPN released the Jordan documentary “The Last Dance” early.

After fans have taken in the full 10 episode documentary the director Jason Hehir has revealed that Michael Jordan had an emotional side during the filming of the interview. He said the first 45 minutes into the first interview Jordan showed emotion about how he treated his teammates.

According to LA Times reporter Arash Markazi, Hehir said:

“You’re seeing Michael’s personality come out,” Hehir said. “We’re sitting down with him in a relaxed setting. It’s a credit to Estee Portnoy and Curtis Polk, his two closest advisors, for putting me in front of him a few times first, before the cameras rolled, so we could develop a bit of a rapport.”

You already knew Jordan was a tough person but if you watched the Jordan documentary you saw a closer look at how tough Jordan was on his teammates. For a person like Jordan to show his emotional side towards anything is a big deal.