Photo: Ian Spanier/Showtime

Former NBA star Matt Barnes has taken a shot at FS1’s Skip Bayless in the wake of the analyst saying he doesn’t consider Scottie Pippen to be one of the greatest-ever players in NBA history.

Barnes was speaking to co-host Stephen Jackson and guest Vince Carter on his All the Smoke podcast and reiterated his issues with media personnel who’ve never played professional basketball having certain opinions about players and basketball in general.

“90 percent of the motherf*****s who have an opinion and get paid for their opinion never played. So when you hear people like Skip Bayless saying Scottie Pippen isn’t one of the greatest, man shut the f**k up with that s**t.”

“That kinda stuff really bothers me,” he continued. “Don’t disrespect people like that because, one, you’ve never been in their shoes. I understand you get paid for it but have some respect, man, like straight up.