Dennis Rodman in the 2005-06 BBL season

Dennis Rodman, has a long list of basketball teams that he played for in the final years of his career, that many people won’t know about.

Rodman has been a star in the new documentary ‘The Last Dance’, with his own feature episode airing last Sunday.

Over his 20 year career, he ventured from playing in North America to Europe and Asia. However each of the stints in each country after the NBA, were quite short-lived.

One of the most notable places, for many reasons, was Rodman playing three games in the BBL. He starred in two home games and one away game for the Brighton Bears. In these two games Rodman averaged 4.7 points and 13.0 rebounds per game, at the age of 44.

However, what many people didn’t know was that Rodman was coached by future NBA champion Nick Nurse in his three games in England.

Nurse, also had a long career overseas, but spent the majority of his time in Europe coaching in the BBL. He coached the Bears for 5 years, coaching Rodman in his final season in the UK. Nurse went on to then coach at the G League level for Oklahoma Storm. He pushed his way into the NBA as a head coach in 2018, getting the Raptors job and leading them to a championship in his second season.

Rodman also played in the US and Mexico after his NBA career, playing in the ABA and winning a championship in his first season. However, he then ended his career playing overseas in Finland and the Philippines.