Photo: Jeff Hanisch, USA TODAY Sports via Reuters

Basketball legend Gary Payton thinks the Los Angeles Clippers and Milwaukee Bucks would meet in the NBA Finals if the season is resumed. According to the former NBA champion, the Bucks are just dominating the Eastern Conference, while the Clippers have a better bench than the Lakers which makes them a better team.

“I see the Clippers and Milwaukee going to the Finals. I think both of them got what it takes. Milwaukee is in a division East Coast where I think they are just dominating there right now. With Giannis being healthy and everything, I don’t think nobody can stop him.

“And over here in the West Coast… the Lakers are the truth but I still think that that team over there with the Clippers they got too much off the bench and they got too much going. I think Kawhi and Paul, they just too tough for me. I think at the end with Patrick Beverley being the one who is going to lockdown the superstar… I think he can get up into LeBron a little bit… and slow him down and the big dogs start guarding him at the end what they have done. But the Lakers proved they can win [over] them in game three. I still think they got too many people.”

Milwaukee is currently sitting atop the Eastern Conference with the best record in the entire league (53-12)/ Meanwhile the Clippers (44-20) are behind the Lakers (49-14) in the West.