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Former GM of Lietuvos Rytas didn’t pick words to express his opinion at the way his former clubs is being run and coached. The interview was taken by Alfa.lt following a devastating Rytas’ loss to Lokomotiv Kuban on Thursday (53-84) in a game that was do-or-die.

Loud boos and chants ‘shame!’ sounded in Siemens Arena after the final whistle. According to Vainauskas, it was the first time in club’s history that the fans booed their own team. He was convinced that the bottom has already been reached and the changes are necessary at Rytas management.

Decreasing attendance numbers indicated that the fans are losing faith in Rytas. Over 8,000 were present at the first home game and a victory against Panathinaikos. This win victory was then followed by 6 losses. The game against Lokomotiv, depsite its importance to Rytas, was attended by just 4,900 fans.

Vainauskas, who was forced to leave Rytas by the club’s president, his father Gedvydas Vainauskas, thinks that it’s time for Rytas management to take responsibility.

Speaking of Rytas coach Dirk Bauermann, Vainauskas was sure that he isn’t the right fit for the club:

‘It’s too late to fire him, it wouldn’t help. Rytas shouldn’t have signed a contract with him in the first place. He showed already last spring that his skills are not good for Rytas. He showed the same with the Polish national team in EuroBasket suffering a total fiasco. Those fiasco are repeating constantly. After EuroBasket he claimed that such result is normal for the Polish team.

‘I’d really like for people who make decisions to look around and consider what’s happening around.’

He also stated that the team’s roster is not good enough for Euroleague:

‘There are 5-6 players on the roster at Euroleague level and 6 players who would hardly find a job in LKL (Lithuanian Basketball League).’

‘He (Bauermann) is circus clown. It would be the same thing if a coach of Atlantas Klaipeda (Lithuanian football club) would start coaching Bayern Munich.’

Vainauskas hoped to return to Rytas this season but his father changed his mind. Despite that, he expressed his desire to help the team if he’s wanted.