OK, so maybe Lipko didn’t land where it was supposed to, but the Eurobasket 2013 mascot’s latest stunt of a daring skydive had all of us wondering…

On Saturday, a note had been handed to the media and word had got around that Lipko that would be the focus of an event outside the Stozice Arena in Ljubljana.

An hour or so before Slovenia’s key second round clash with Greece, the Eurobasket mascot was supposed to jump from a plane and skydive just outside the arena.

Instead though, Lipko arrived outside the Stozice football stadium, situated around 300 metres from where the second and final round games are taking place.

Lipko was chosen as Eurobasket mascot in November of last year. The idea was based on the traditional symbol of Slovenia, which is the linden tree.

Out of all mascots, this year’s version has been by far the most active. Lipko has scored on top of a mountain and made appearances in several iconic Slovenian sites. Lipko was also present at the 2013 Euroleague Final Four in London where the mascot promoted the event.