Zion Williamson
Photo: ftw.usatoday.com

New Orleans Pelicans General Manager David Griffin joined Casey Stern and NBA legend Grant Hill on NBA TV. Griffin discussed the Pelicans’ season before it got suspended.

He pointed out that New Orleans had the ninth best record in the NBA even before Zion Williamson returned from injury. According to Griffin, the reason of that was because the team found themselves. While the team still has some way to go before it fully finds itself on the court, the Pelicans GM thinks it had already showed that other teams will have trouble dealing with it.

“We got the ninth best record in the league since December 18th. And part of that was that we had really found ourselves even before Zion [Williamson] came back. So, in the presence of Zion we feel like we were just starting to scratch the surface of what we could be. We really hadn’t found ourselves yet on the court. We had moments certainly and flashes of what we hope to see. But I think from a basketball perspective it would be incredibly valuable to get to see a little bit more. And at the same time I think we feel like we’ve obviously made it clear that we’re gonna be a team to deal with in the future.”

David Griffin

Pelicans are currently 10th in the Western Conference with 28 wins and 36 losses, still chasing a playoff spot. The eighth seed Memphis are 32-33.