Isiah Thomas says Derrick Rose and Blake Griffin are what the Detroit Pistons need to build a winning culture

Photo: ClutchPoints

Isiah Thomas is one of the most important players in the history of the Detroit Pistons. The Chicago-born legend had a very interesting interview with Ron Beard of the Detroit News.

When the conversation reached the current state of the team, Thomas said Derrick Rose’s and Blake Griffin’s presence in the roster is blatantly important in the Pistons’ rebuilding process.

“The professionalism and competitiveness that both Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose show when they get on the floor, they have that and that’s what young players need to see,” Thomas said. “Looking at both as Pistons, they are superstar players, but they don’t have superstar attitudes. They don’t appear to be me-first guys. Most superstars say they need theirs and everybody get out their way.

That’s how the culture of (our era) of the Pistons was set”.

Rose averaged 18.5 points, shooting 49% from the field this season, along with 5.6 assists per game. On the other hand, Blake Griffin was limited to just 18 games due to an an arthroscopic debridement on his left knee.