Photo: Chris Graythen/ Getty Images

The coronavirus has also arrived in the NBA and, inevitably, the league has been suspended, the players are in quarantine and the workouts have also been canceled. The whole NBA has been in lockdown, with the hope that the crisis will be overcome in time to allow the league to postpone the season, and not to cancel it. We live in an unstable situation, but above all this concerns the different teams. Above all, those teams, like the Lakers, who were in the running for the victory of the NBA title.

Lakers first in the standings

The Lakers are first in the standings of the Western Conference and they were forced to stop after the victories against the Bucks and Clippers, in short, at the best time. The good thing is that when the Lakers resumes playing, they will still be at the top of the standings.

Problems for new additions

On the other hand, however, the negative aspects of the league stop are many also for the Lakers. The biggest risk is that players can lose their best physical shape. By staying indoors, good workout and eating habits can change and get worse. Above all, the new additions to the Lakers can be affected more negatively. Markieff Morris had just enough time to play 8 games, while Dion Waiters hasn’t had a chance to play with his new teammates yet. It can be more complicated for the two of them. The integration into the team has suffered an abrupt stop, and the Lakers will be able to suffer in a negative way in view of the playoffs, always if they return to play.